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My name is Blanca Lawton, I am a mother and a teacher. You could say I wear two hats that balance my life. My “first hat” is attempting to raise bilingual children in a place that only spoke one language and overcome the challenge that comes with it. And the “second hat” is to balance the struggles of long nights of planning and creating interactive fun lessons. I had to come up with a way to incorporate “both hats” easily into my life. So I decided to create The Spanish Immersion Program.

After 15 years of developing, practicing and perfecting the fine tuning of this project is complete and ready to be shared throughout the nation. This is for anyone trying to “balance their hats”, doesn’t matter if you are a parent, a teacher, a business owner, or a student wanting to become bilingual.

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The Spanish Immersion Program learning made fun is proven method to make any planning of classes easy and readily accessible to anyone who uses it. This is as easy as opening a box and having a product with practical concepts for any level of Spanish learner you can think of.  Being accessible, color coded and making it flexible to go along with any syllabus. It saves the user a lot of time, therefore the classes are effortlessly planned. With Learning Made Fun, it is already prepared for you. 

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