"The Spanish Immersion Program" and “Learning Spanish Made Fun”

Our Mission: The Spanish Immersion Program
To provide an authentic environment and elements to learn Spanish through creative and fun activities with educational and innovative materials. Our commitment is a complete immersion of the language and the appreciation for other cultures. At TSIP we believe in educating citizens based on integrity and values.

Nuestra Misión: The Spanish Immersion Program
Proveer un ambiente y elementos autenticos para aprender español mediante actividades creativas y a la vez divertidas con materiales educativos e innovadores. Nuestro compromiso es una inmersión completa de el lenguaje y la apreciación por otras culturas. En TSIP creemos en formar ciudadanos basándonos en la integridad y los valores.

Learning Made Fun Mission
To provide Instructors with creative practial materials giving students the opportunity to learn a second language through playful activities with an immersive hands-on experience

Misión Learning Made Fun
Proporcionar a los instructores materiales prácticos y creativos que brinden a los estudiantes la oportunidad de aprender un segundo idioma a través de actividades lúdicas con una experiencia práctica inmersiva.

My name is Blanca Lawton, born and raised in Mexico City.  I am a mother and a teacher. You could say I wear two hats that balance my life. My “first hat” is attempting to raise bilingual children in a place that only spoke one language and overcome the challenge that comes with it. And the “second hat” is to balance the struggles of long nights of planning and creating interactive fun lessons. I had to come up with a way to incorporate “both hats” easily into my life. So I decided to create The Spanish Immersion Program and Learning Made Fun.

The Spanish Immersion Program created in 2004 as a unique place for learning through  playful  and  interactive activities  where acquisition of the second language becomes natural. The children have so much fun playing pretending situations, when they are mixing fun with education they do not even realize they actually learning a second language.. The program covers singing, creating art, crafts, music and movement, culture, tracing, relating subjects,  and lots more… ALL IN SPANISH!