Programs we offer...if you do not see a class that fits your schedule, please let us know, we can arrange a class for you!

Mi mamá y yo 

Mommy and me

18-36 months

*Early Stimulation ALL in Spanish* Moms and babies/tots will be stimulated with music and rhyme, learn basic Spanish for their language development using songs, nursery rhymes and puppets. This will be fun, yet educational for both to learn basic Spanish, working with creative subjects, play pretend, singing, music and movement, vocabulary and games.


Saturdays 10AM-11AM

 Next session starts January 4


Nora Rodriguez


Coming on Summer 2014!!

Clase de Grupo de estimulacion para desarrollo cognitivos (actividades fisicas, mentales, emocionales, comunicativas, sociales) y juegos didácticos con cantos en Español!!

Group Class of cognitive stimulation for development activities (physical, mental, emotional, communicative, social, and educational games with songs in Spanish!

A class for ages

2-3 years 11:15-12:15

3-5 years 12:30-1:30 



Preschool Age  

2.5 - 5 year old

Up to 8 children in each classroom with an instructor working with the group. Our class will have activities such as: crafts, cognitive games, music & movement, singing, stretching, special celebrations & cultural events according to the calendar.


Full Days: MON-THU 8AM-4PM 

Half Day Program

  (AM 8-12) MON thru FRI

  (PM 12-4) MON -THU



(Instructor: Marisol Keizer/ Marcela Bernal and  Nora Rodriguez)



Preschool class ages 2.5-4.5


Tuesday and Thursday

Open Enrollement

Beginning Spanish

 5+ year old

Children will learn to develop the foundation of vocabulary and full phrases for conversational Spanish. This dynamic class will keep children active and engaged while they explore different stations which will highlight crafts, games, role-playing, songs, and special worksheets to take home and practice Spanish.


Ages 5-up

Thursday 4:00-5:00 pm




Basic Spanish
Ages 3-5





(Groups of 8 students max)






Talleres Conversational

 5+ year old

This class is for children who are ready to practice speaking full Spanish conversations, assuming they already know the basics. This class is designed to gain confidence to speak Spanish. The children will enjoy games, songs, and books, according to their Spanish skills. Lots of conversation, early literacy and writing in Spanish, will be encouraged during this class.



4:15-PM-5:45 PM
Instructor Marcela Bernal



Español intermedio
(only for children with previous Spanish)

Ages 4-8
Monday and Tuesdays

(Groups of 8 students max)

Summer Camps

Ages 8-and up

Conversational/Reading/Writing Group

This class is for students who want to practice  basic conversations and are ready to put that knowledge into practice in a Spanish Conversational Class! This class combines conversations, reading an writing excersises games and lots of  fun

Monday thru Friday Class

$150.00 week









Saturday Workshops

Ages 5 and up

Cultural Workshops, using traditional circle time. The children will learn basic Spanish exploring the highlights of practical conversations, crafts, music, games, role-playing and worksheets, learning the Spanish words.






 Adult Basic Spanish

Learn Spanish to help you communicate on the job, on vacation, for personal development, or just for fun!  This class will help you meet that goal. This non-conventional class is designed to teach Spanish in an engaging manner. Family Class and * Private Sessions Available*


Monday and Wednesdays

5:30-7:00 PM


Teen/Adult Conversational Group

This class is for students who have the knowledge about sentence structure and grammar. They are ready to put that knowledge into practice in a Spanish Conversational Class! This class combines conversations, games and gatherings in different  coffee shops or locations

Private Sessions Available


Summer Camps

Ages 3-8


 Ready for a summer of Spanish?

You don't have to leave your home to get an authentic immersion class.

Group Class of cognitive stimulation for development activities (physical, mental, emotional, communicative, social, and educational games with songs in Spanish

This summer camp will keep children ages 3-8 yrs. learning and having fun ALL IN SPANISH!!





Sacramento location: 1500 Dom Way Room 15 Sacramento, CA 95864

Folsom location: 101 Hazelmere Dr. Folsom, CA 95630

Folsom Summer Camp location:  Smart Start 101 Hazelmere Dr, Folsom CA 95630


"Preschool Age Immersion Program" - $100 non refundable annual registration fee & two weeks deposit is required at time of enrollment

"Talleres" Culture/Language Workshops - $100 annual registration fee & two weeks deposit is required at time of enrollment

"Basic Spanish Class" - Structured around your child's reading and writing skills, this class will teach Spanish at a developmentally appropriate level. But do not let that fool you!, there will still be lots of fun, of course we will sing and have plenty of conversations!

$100.00 registration fee and two weeks deposit is required 

*Groups and School-Based After School Classes are offered at different prices*

NOTE: If you help to have The Spanish Immersion  Program after school at your local school, or have a group ready for a lesson we will give the whole group a special discount.


For more information contact us at: (916) 486-8276 or email us at: info@thespanishimmersion.com 
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