Folsom Location

 75 Natoma St. Suite E2  Folsom, CA 95630

Preschool Age Program


Our structured program helps to build a sense of security where children feel comfortable to learn Spanish. Within this structure there is also flexibility to ensure we meet the needs of all the children and their different styles of learning and levels of confidence. When planning our curriculum, we take into consideration the important skills to be developed in the children’s creativity: language, social and emotional skills, movement, music, materials classification, stretching exercises, crafts, space and time. Each class has a theme and it’s introduced in an interesting way to teach skills and concepts; in addition, visual aids are often used as a starting point for activities and discussion. The curriculum is planned to take into account all areas of development social, emotional and physical. The main goal is to have the children practice their Spanish right away! 





Basic Spanish

 5+ year old

Children will learn to develop the foundation of vocabulary and full phrases with our songs and games. This dynamic class will keep children active and engaged while they explore different stations which will highlight crafts, games, role-playing, songs, and special worksheets to take home and practice Spanish.


Intermediate with previous Spanish (ages 5 and up)

In this dynamic class, children are ready to practice speaking everything in Spanish. This will be our main focus and every activity will include the use of the language. Each class has a theme and it’s introduced in creative way to teach the language; visual aids and games are often used for activities and conversation. In this program, the children will learn to read and write if they are ready, as well as develop practical conversational Spanish skills. Spanish books will be provided, as well as worksheets. We will keep kids active and engaged while they practice speaking, reading aloud playing games,  


   In our classes the students will be engaged in fun and educational activities such as: singing, dancing, painting, and crafts, graph motor skill exercises, imaginative play and more! Of course ALL IN SPANISH! Every class have a different theme, during our class the children will relate subjects, play memory games, sing a theme song, play pretend and work with the teacher in their Spanish workbooks! Completed with the vocabulary and full phrases the children are learning!   (That way you will reinforce the theme at home). Spanish becomes part of the children’s daily lives in a natural way! 


 Location for our Preschool Age Program in Folsom : 75 Natoma St. Suite E2, Folsom, CA 95630.
Half Day AM 9:00-12:00
Monday Class Only
3 pre-payments of $187 for September, October, November.
Cost of the 14 classes total is $560. 


11 septiembre

18 septiembre

25 septiembre

2 octubre

9 octubre

16 octubre

23 octubre

30 octubre

6 noviembre

13 noviembre

20 noviembre

27 noviembre

4 diciembre

11 diciembre

Basic Building Block for beginners Spanish

 Wednesday starting the 20th
September: 20, 27 
October: 4, 11, 18, 25 
November: 1, 8

$200 for the 8 class sessions. From 5-6 Pm.


El Dorado Hills  Homeschooling children's and Kindergarten classes


Grades: K-3

In this program, children will learn to develop the foundation of vocabulary and practical phrases for conversational Spanish. This dynamic class will keep kid’s active and engaged while they explore stations which highlight: crafts, games, role-playing, songs, and special worksheets to take home and practice Spanish. Lots of conversation, literacy and writing in Spanish will be encouraged during this class.


EDH class fee:  $185 per semester

Additional $10 class fee payable to Rolling Hills  (includes $20 workbook)



Fall: Wednesday Spanish classes - El Dorado Hills



(12 classes)

September 13, 20, 27

October 4, 11, 18, 25

November 1, 8, 15, 29

December 6



Spring: Wednesday Spanish classes - El Dorado Hills (12 classes)