Why Spanish?


The Importance of Spanish

Spanish is the second most common language in the United States, after English. According to the year 2000 United States Census "Very Well", the United States is home to more than 40 million Hispanics; the fifth largest Spanish-speaking community in the world, after Mexico (1), Colombia (2), Spain (3) and Argentina (4). 

The Benefits

Research confirms that children who speak two languages or more, do significantly better at school than those who speak only one. Bilingual and immersion education has become recognized as an increasingly influential way of fostering intellectual ability in children and the benefits of, higher self-esteem, enhanced creative skills, a higher level of complex problem solving, better test scores, understanding and appreciation of other cultures.

Child Development

From birth until puberty, the brain literally forms itself to perform various specialized functions such as language learning and others, based upon the input it gets from the world. Neural networks gradually form, and they function more and more efficiently as they are used. If a second language is part of that input, networks for understanding and using it, grow richer. Therefore, early exposure to a second language actually causes more connections to grow in a child's brain, and those connections, in turn, allow for easier additional learning in the second and first languages. This formatting process is especially active in the first six years, ends at puberty, or around age 12.

During this early period, two languages can be learned simultaneously ­ as long as the child regularly interacts with speakers of both languages. Acquiring a language is effortless for a young child. Getting him into a class early on, makes it almost natural to learn, preferably in an "immersion" program.

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